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Allan Block interlocking seawall and retaining wall Lake Jackson, GA

Seawalls are a very important part of  your waterfront properties appearance as well as a useful tool in helping prohibit erosion due to wave action.   Shoreline stabilization is a very important part of maintaining you properties appearance and value!


Seawalls are generally built to the contour of the shoreline in accordance with the  managing authorities guidelines on your lake.   Seawalls/retaining walls on freshwater lakes are mainly built out of Block, Rip Rap (granite stone) or Pressure Treated Pine.


We use Allan Block interlocking blocks for our seawalls and retaining walls  along the shoreline.  Allan blocks allow us the opportunity to follow the contour as well as give a nice archetechtural appearance to the shoreline.  For added strength to the seawall we can add grid to the wall to help  reinforce it against pressures on the wall due to ground saturation after heavy rains.  In addition we add a layer of rip rap in front of the wall to help protect your footings from being washed out.  Allan blocks have a built in locking mechanism and a setback to help strengthen the wall.  The wall also has a built in drain system.  The blocks are filled solid with gravel to act as a drain fill and help disapate the pressure behind the wall due to ground saturation.


Another permanent fix to the ongoing erosion problem at your shoreline is Rip Rap type III.  Rip rap is granite rock the is placed along the shoreline following the contour of the shoreline.  This is the permanent fix to to shoreline erosion!


Wooden Seawall/Retaining walls:  These walls are  constructed of Pressure Treated Pine.  Pilings for these walls are driven into the lakebed then anchored by a variety of different methods.   These wall also will have a small base of rip rap  in front of them to help prevent them from undermining.   Wooden seawalls are recommended in locations with good drainage and where  smaller walls (height) are needed.  We generally do not recommend this wall for wall heights over 4.5 “.

Allan block interlocking block wall on Lake Jackson, GA with rip rap at base

Allan Block interlocking seawall/retaining wall on Lake Jackson, GA

Allan Block seawall with staircase built into seawall system

Allan block wall featuring set up steps leading into the lake!


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